Joshua Stump : Pastor of spiritual formation

Joshua, known as candid, humorous and without restraint, is constantly discovering new truths that apply to his life and therefore become key points in his teachings to his church. Raw and tattooed are seldom words used to describe most pastors, but Joshua knew his calling early in life and let his experiences, both unpleasant and joyful, mold him into the kind of leader he is today.  Joshua is a Spiritual Director and loves to see people encounter the presence of Jesus.  When not teaching and counseling, Joshua can be found at home with his wife Jamie and their 2 children.  Or you may find him at the local cigar shop enjoying a flavorful blend.


Justin Lett : Pastor of Biblical teaching

Justin hails from Central Florida, but has made  East Nashville his home.  He loves his morning coffee and can typically be found studying or meeting with others, in one of our many local shops.  Like his coffee, Justin would like his ministry to be defined as bold and rich.  He passionately seeks Christ’s truths to evoke deep change in others. When not teaching and casting vision, Justin can be found alongside his lovely wife of 16 years, Heather, gladly toting one of their 3 children to yet another extracurricular.  His spare time is enjoyed by meal/beverage with family and friend, a good book or watching some football.


jamie welker : Pastor to children and families

Jamie Is passionate about people and  walking alongside them whatever they are going through. She desires for individuals and families to know they are loved by the Father, understand how the Father feels towards them, and encourage them to utilize their own gifts and passions. Since her ordination in 2015 she has been shepherding the children, women, and staff of the Local Church.

She and her husband, Tytus, have been married for almost 8 years and are currently fostering two children. Jamie enjoys being outside, playing with her kids, meaningful conversations, peanut butter m&ms, and wants to build a big farmhouse one day. 



Adam Gleaves : Pastor of worship experience

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Kyle and Ashley Woodcock : pastor to youth

Kyle & Ashley are passionate about understanding God’s character and living in the identity we have as His beloved sons and daughters. They believe it is imperative for middle and high schoolers to know this and desire to walk alongside them through these tough years. 

They have been married for 7 and a half years and are three years into the process of rebuilding their East Nashville home after a fire. They have a beautiful rescue dog who is Ashley in dog form named Molly Oliver & a tail-less kitty with a mustache named Eve. Ashley loves all things coffee, chocolate, & adoption & Kyle loves video games, board games... pretty much all the games. They eagerly anticipate moving back into their home & fulfilling their 6-year dream of living in East Nashville.