Our heart is for your children to know Jesus in a real and personal way. Each week we will reiterate "big church's" concepts- Loving God, Loving others, and sharing God's love. We believe children are the greatest asset and have the ability to transform the world around them! Local Kids wants to provide the tools to do just that! The Local Kids is currently in need of volunteers to help invest in our youngest disciples! This is a once a month commitment and all lesson and materials are provided for you.  

We offer children's ministry 8 weeks to 4th grade. All of our volunteers have been interviewed, trained, and completed background checks. 

  • 8 weeks to 2 is our youngest classroom where children will be nurtured, have play time and a simplified lesson. 
  • 2-4 will have access to play time, age appropriate lesson and activities. 
  • K-4 is hands on and engages children through a lesson, activity, and fellowship stations. 

Contact Pastor Jamie if you are interested in serving! Thelocalchurch.kids@gmail.com


The Local Youth is designed to equip teenagers to become disciples of Jesus. Our mission is to teach youth all about the love of God. We want to show them that Jesus loves them unconditionally, and that no matter their gifting, they can be the “hands and feet” of Jesus, creating real change in their world around them. This is where youth can grow together and in the Lord. We have a passion for the next generation. “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”  1 Timothy 4:12

Youth Meet Every Sunday

For Information Contact: Kyle Woodcock  kwoodcock611@gmail.com




2 Paths for Soul Care & Inner Healing  


Spiritual Direction is a gift that’s nurtured more than a skill that’s taught. Spiritual Direction is a space for nurturing the holy mystery of what happens when we pause reflectively, in listening attentiveness to God. While everyone can grow in this awareness, we believe that God calls some among us to a deeper ministry of spiritual attentiveness and companionship, and we’d like to nurture that gift within you.  Paying attention to how God the Father is actively shaping a person's life through the Holy Spirit in ways that form them ever more deeply into the image of Christ. 


2. Transformation Prayer Ministry

We’re glad that you have chosen to learn about Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM) and how it may benefit your life. People typically seek out TPM because they feel bad about something and they want the bad feelings to go away. This is because they see their emotional pain as a problem that needs to be resolved or an ailment that needs to be alleviated. They often have already tried many other things to resolve their “pain problem” and hope that TPM will bring lasting relief.

No one likes to feel bad, but it is because of our negative emotions that we know something is wrong. When we identify the real problem and find true and lasting relief, our emotions will change accordingly. However, focusing on changing the way we feel will lead to a perpetual cycle of pain management. TPM is not about managing pain, but resolving the root problem that is the source of our pain.

Contact Pastor Joshua to schedule an appointment.  monkstump@icloud.com


Love In Action


Ministry Team
The Local Church desires for people to encounter the Father. Prayer is a powerful tool to assist in that process. Crista Sparkman  has experienced the transformation that occurs when we hear the Father's heart and wants to equip people with opportunity to do the same.  It's much more than crafting the perfect sentences or memorizing formuals. It's allowing the Holy Spirit to move!  It may not be comfortable or convenient, but lets pursue the Father together and for him to release the spirit of freedom. 

At the end of each Sunday service, we set aside ministry time. This is an intentional time for our team to minister to one another,  pray over specific needs and  encourage  as the Holy Spirit leads. 
At The Local Church, we believe that prayer ministry is not just a core part of our Sunday morning service, but something we hope to take with us throughout our week and into the community of East Nashville.
If you would like to get involved with the ministry team, contact Crista Sparkman (cristasparkman@gmail.com) for more information.

At Fifty-six:five, we believe coffee is a joyful & magical thing, and that it can be so much more than roasted beans. We believe coffee can inspire & provide the meeting place for the greatest conversations. We believe coffee can bring redemption.

At The Local Church, we wanted our Sunday morning coffee to be more than a self-serve station in the back of the room. We wanted a place that felt a little more like one of the fantastic local Nashville coffee shops we adore... And we wanted our coffee to DO something. To help dreams come true. To serve a greater purpose.

Fifty-six:five was inspired by the verse in Isaiah, which speaks about being given an everlasting name even greater than son and daughter. In the book of Romans, Paul speaks about our adoption as sons & daughters, heirs with Christ, inheriting the Kingdom of our Father. We believe that God is Father to the Fatherless and that we are called to love our neighbors as ourselves. "On earth, as it is in Heaven." On earth, we have the opportunity to love as we have been loved & adopt the orphan as we have been adopted. To give them a name, an inheritance.

We believe that every child belongs in a home, with a family of their own, where they are loved and wanted. There are children whose parents cannot care for them right outside our front door here in Nashville and all across the globe. We hope to help change that. At Fifty-six:five, every coffee or pastry purchase goes toward helping members of The Local Church grow their families & meet the needs of the orphan through adoption & foster care. Caring for our neighbors is not easy. Adoption is not cheap. Redemption is expensive. But we think coffee can help pretty much anything. Contact ASHLEY WOODCOCK  for more information. Ashley.i.Woodcock@gmail.com



Hands of God is a skilled group of individuals  that have a heart for helping others in need, inside and outside of the church. These individuals have experience in construction, home repairs, DIY projects,  and their skill set includes, but not limited too; but  yard work, helping people move, fixing gutters, cutting down trees and other small projects. Do you or someone you know need help around the house?! Contact Kyle to schedule an appointment at kwoodcock611@gmail.com. 

They do not have set prices but simply ask to pay what you can! Any money received will help cover costs/ projects for individuals not able to pay for their services. If you would like to contribute to the project fund you can do so via check or cash app at $TheLocalChurch and designating it for HOG.