Our Neighbors


LIVEmpowered is a local organization whose purpose is  to help at-risk teenagers realize that they are loved and have value. This semester The Local Church is partnering with LIVEmpowered  in GraMar Middle School with 6th and 7th graders. The curriculum covers topics such as value, cultural/ society expectations, goals and dreams, finding role models and treating others with respect.

Volunteers Needed: Contact Jamie Welker : thelocalchurch.kids@gmail.com


Corner To Corner After School Programs

Broke Eggs & The Good Stuff
In September, Corner to Corner hit the ground running. Right of the bat, we started two separate business entrepreneurship classes, twice-weekly tutoring, and once-a-week baking. Later in the month, we added a new  bible study. I have been in and out each facet of what we do, learning and asking questions along the way. 
It hasn’t always been easy. Fundraising plans have fallen flat. Volunteer have failed to show up. Kids have run around the tutoring room screaming like wild banshees. And a few eggs have been cracked straight onto the floor.  
But in between scratching my head, wondering how exactly I ended up here, there have been so many moments of light. Hearing  budding entrepreneurs  share about successful conversation with a mentor. Watching a kid's face light up when I hang their writing on the wall for others to read. Seeing people from vastly different walks of life sit in a room and talk about God’s mercy. Praying in a supply closet with a community center staff member. 
It’ easy to be overwhelmed by all the chaos and  the problems that we see in the programs. But God is good.  No one said that nonprofit work was easy...and no one said that kingdom work was easy. But we can trust in God’s goodness and His grace when we feel weak.