2 Paths for Soul Care & Inner Healing  


Spiritual Direction is a gift that’s nurtured more than a skill that’s taught. Spiritual Direction is a space for nurturing the holy mystery of what happens when we pause reflectively, in listening attentiveness to God. While everyone can grow in this awareness, we believe that God calls some among us to a deeper ministry of spiritual attentiveness and companionship, and we’d like to nurture that gift within you.  Paying attention to how God the Father is actively shaping a person's life through the Holy Spirit in ways that form them ever more deeply into the image of Christ. 


2. Transformation Prayer Ministry

We’re glad that you have chosen to learn about Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM) and how it may benefit your life. People typically seek out TPM because they feel bad about something and they want the bad feelings to go away. This is because they see their emotional pain as a problem that needs to be resolved or an ailment that needs to be alleviated. They often have already tried many other things to resolve their “pain problem” and hope that TPM will bring lasting relief.

No one likes to feel bad, but it is because of our negative emotions that we know something is wrong. When we identify the real problem and find true and lasting relief, our emotions will change accordingly. However, focusing on changing the way we feel will lead to a perpetual cycle of pain management. TPM is not about managing pain, but resolving the root problem that is the source of our pain.

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