Our Structure

We believe the Church is beautiful in all of her expressions.

We must never be afraid to be a sign of contradiction for the world   Mother Teresa

What is a Microchurch?

In a microchurch, we are an extended spiritual family lead by ordinary people who are living in gospel community together. We own the mission of Jesus for those who believe and who have yet to believe. We have stopped trying to fit church activities into our lives and instead allow our lives lived to be a viable and visible expression of the Church.

I’m tired of leaving my neighborhood to go to church. Wouldn’t it be great if we could be the church in our neighborhood? – R. Johnson

Local Church reproduces disciples of Jesus who want to be sent. We center around four rhythms of Jesus’s ministry and disciple-making: meal sharing, storytelling, sabbath-keeping, and serving. The average microchurch meets for 12-24 months, and then multiplies into new microchurches.

“We affirm microchurch as the most basic expression of the church. When believers work together in sincere worship, and genuine community to accomplish a part of the mission of God, they are the church. We encourage biblically appointed leadership, sacramental worship, the pursuit of the gifts of the Spirit, and giving, but these are desired and not required to be considered a micro church. We believe that these churches also need the larger network, leadership and resources of a city-wide church to strengthen, empower and help direct the micro church expression. We gather for worship, training, and as leadership primarily to strengthen and supply the micro churches in their labor to obey Jesus and proclaim the good news of the Kingdom to their mission field. We believe the larger church expression exists to serve the smaller and not the other way around.” – KC Underground