Where We Meet

Local Church meets weekly in multiple homes with our friends and neighbors for meal sharing, storytelling, sabbath-keeping, and serving. We refer to these churches as microchurches. Every 12 to 24 months we multiply into different homes and neighborhoods.*

Once a month, all of our microchurches come together to celebrate and worship.


Some of the most important times and places we meet are not planned. We meet in backyards and at bus stops. We meet in our kitchens and our classrooms. We meet at the pool and at the playground. We meet at work and when we work out. We meet to celebrate when someone gets a new job, and we meet to grieve when someone suffers a loss. We meet at hospitals and we meet on holidays. We meet for drinks and for dessert. We meet around our grills and especially for meals. We meet with our neighbors in the name of Jesus during our everyday lives.

* Local church is a disciple-making movement of microchurches. We are currently at capacity in our homes. We are intentionally small, slow, sustainable, and super local. We are not trying to gather a crowd. Rather we are multiplying disciples of Jesus who are sent into their existing relational networks who then gather in their homes. As more disciples multiply into more microchurches, more seats at the table will create more capacity for people to join in.